Frequently Asked Questions


How much do the meals cost?

All of our meals are $7 each If you purchase 5 or more meals, they are $6 each EVERY Saturday all meals are only $5!!!!!

Where are we located?

We have two Baton Rouge locations and one Denhman Springs, Louisiana location. Visit our Locations page for more information.

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 10AM-8PM Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday 12PM-6PM

Are the meals organic?

We use organic ingredients where we can but ultimately we cannot call our meals organic. Our kitchen uses both organic and non-organic ingredients.

Can I freeze the meals?

Yes for up to 2 weeks!

How long do the meals last?

Each meal has an expiration date on the label. Meals can last in the cooler through the marked date, after that then they need to be frozen.

How do I heat up the meals?

1-2 minutes in microwave with a vented lid. Same way if meals are frozen, we recommend microwaving at 1 minute intervals